Owning and traveling in recreational vehicles has become increasingly expensive in recent years.

For this reason, those who decide to become involved in "the life" need to learn as much as they can about buying, selling, financing and all other aspects of RVing that deal with methods people need to use to save money.

Some think that owning an RV is the same as owning a car, but the truth is that there is little comparison between the two.

RVs cost significantly more to buy, depreciate quickly, are more expensive to drive and repair.  People often need to pay to store and detail them as well.

The costs of labor is huge, with some places charging as much as $189 per hour.  Parts are very expensive as well.

Few people realize (until they actually become owners) that RV maintenance is an ongoing issue that must be dealt with constantly.  Otherwise, coaches can deteriorate and lose their value. 

Other issues to consider include poor gas mileage and high camping costs.

These are the two most costly items for people who like to travel in their coaches.  These days it is nothing for people to pay more than $40 per night to rent a campsite and upwards of $2.50 per gallon for gasoline or diesel fuel.

Travelers driving 6000 miles and getting 8 miles per gallon will need 750 gallons of gasoline.  At $2.50 per gallon they'll pay $1875!  If it takes them 20 days to drive that distance at 300 miles per day, and camping costs $40 per night, staying overnight going and returning will cost another $800.  They will also have to pay fees for the length of time they spend at their destination.  So, if they stay a month, they'll pay another $1200.

Thus before they pay for entertainment, restaurant meals, possible repairs and other items, they'll have to fork over $3875 for a 50 day vacation.

As you can see, the price tag for owning and traveling in recreational vehicles can be quite high.  However, this is only true if you want to pay top price for everything.

If not, the articles listed below are "must reads" for you because they will show you how you can significantly reduce those costs.

I will be adding to this list as time goes on, so check back often.  

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