RVers' Q and A

In addition to this blog, I also write for a site called Hubpages under the pen name Timetraveler2.  

You can use my info on that site to email me directly with RV related questions if you
  1. click here.
  2. scroll down and click on "Fan Mail" and then 
  3. click on "send Timetraveler2 an email". 
I will publish my responses to your questions on this blog, as time permits.

I have had more than one million 400,000 people read my articles on Hubpages, and recently some of them have been emailing me with questions they have about various aspects of the RV lifestyle.

Let me answer your RV Lifestyle questions
GoRving.com (with special permission)

It occurred to me that there must be more people who have questions, so with that in mind I decided to start a section on this blog where people can read my responses to those who have asked questions.

For this reason I have posted my contact information at the beginning of this post.

This is because I have not found a way here to take questions directly and people often have similar questions, so doing things this way will save time.

I will respond to your questions on the RVers' Q and A section here as time permits, and I promise not to publish your name or email address.

I've been RVing for more than 50 years, so I should be able to help those of you who write in.

I will add here that once you are on my hubpages profile page, you will find a listing of all of my articles.  Reading some of them may give you the answers you seek, also.

Hopefully doing this will help you to have a better RVing experience.  Let me know your thoughts.