Do You Think Our Plan to Full time Is Good?



My husband and I just got married a little less than a year ago.   We are in our mid 20's.

We've been living in a condo, but we're ready to make our move to camper life!

Becoming an RVer (with special permission)

The Situation

We don't have kids or pets and are talking about getting a storage unit I'd rather just get rid of it ALL and start fresh!

Since homes are selling high right now we've started meeting with a realtor about selling our condo.

Like most people, we want to get rid of our mortgage  and house bills and want to have the freedom to travel and enjoy nature. 

We just bought a small 2015 Toyota truck with which we plan to haul a travel trailer. 

we are limited to weight but I think we found a super light weight Jayco trailer that would suit our needs. 

My husband used to camp with his family when he was growing up so he's experienced with the lifestyle. 

He works remote for his job anyways so all we need is an internet connection to keep the cash flowing!  I can also work remotely as well. 

What do you think of our plans so far? Think it's for us? :) we really don't have anyone close to us that has tried to do anything like this so any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!


Since you already own a truck a pull along or fifth wheel that is weight rated to match the towing ability of your truck is probably your best bet.

Today's RVs are built to different standards than those in the past, so you want to make sure that what you buy is very well made.  You can't go by brand name alone because even within brands there are different levels of quality.

You haven't mentioned health insurance, but this is extremely important and one you need to research thoroughly before you make any final buying or selling decisions, especially if you plan to be on the road a lot.

Basically, your plan sounds good, but connectivity can be a problem, especially if you find you're in remote areas.  Many campgrounds advertise that they have WIFI, but very few of them have signals that are strong enough to "take care of business".

You say your husband has experience camping, but do you?  If not, you really should rent a trailer and take a short trip to see how you like it.  Not everybody adapts to RV living due to the fact that the living area is so small and facilities can be limited.  It's a big jump to move from a condo of 1000 or more square feet down to a trailer that may have less than 400!

Also, don't assume that RV living is cheaper than condo living. If you don't buy your coach for cash, you'll have debt.  You probably already have debt for your truck.  You'll also have to pay for items such as campsites, gasoline, maintenance and repairs, all of which can be expensive UNLESS you do a lot of research and find ways to reduce your costs.

I have several articles here that address this issue, and I strongly advise you to read them.

If you do this the right way, you should be OK...but not knowing your financial situation, it's hard for me to gauge how you'll do.

My best advice is to take it slow, look at all of the angles, practice before you buy and make sure you have everything figured out before you take off.

Been there.  Done that.  For us, it was great, and I hope it will be great for you, also. Let me know how things work out for you and good luck.

In addition to this blog, I also write for a site called Hubpages under the pen name Timetraveler2.  

In addition to this blog, I also write for a site called Hubpages under the pen name Timetraveler2.  

You can use my info on that site to email me directly with RV related questions if you
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