How Much Will an RV Trip Across the US Cost?


I was thinking about buying an older motor home to travel here and there, but I also definitely want to travel across the country from Massachusetts to California.

I was wondering if you could tell me how much it would cost?

How Much Does a Cross Country RV Trip Cost"

Is it difficult to find places to park and sleep at night?

Finally,  I heard that Walmart super stores with allow you to sleep there.  Is this true?

Any information you can give me would help.

Thank you.


With a gas motor home you can expect to average 8 mpg more or less.  

A cross country trip like the one you're thinking about is probably a 6,000 mile trip. The price of gas varies from state to state, but I would figure an average of $2.50 a gallon at this time...more or less depending on where you go.  

So, if these figures are accurate, gas will cost you about $1875 for the entire trip and possibly more.

You'll pay less in the Southern states and more up North, but states like CA and NV are known for their high gas prices, so check  to see what they are as they can and do change daily.

I have written several articles as Timtraveler2 on Hubpages that provide more detailed information about this issue, so you should take a look if you want more detailed information.

Campgrounds are everywhere, so you'll have little trouble finding a site, but of course, you'll have to pay a fee to stay in most of them.

Yes, most Walmart stores allow people to park (not camp) overnight in their lots, but you need to ask permission before doing this.  There are no hookups, though,so you'll have to use your generator and your own water and sewer facilities while you're there.

You should think about joining a discount camping club to help cut your costs.  The savings on a big trip like yours can add up to hundreds of dollars.

Good luck and let me know how things work out.


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