How to Plan a Terrific RV Christmas Vacation

If you want to enjoy the holidays in your RV, this plan is for you.

Using your coach as a "getaway wagon" allows you to drive right out of all the stresses that are involved with cooking, cleaning, entertaining, shopping and having to eat meals with people you really don't like.

This alone should be enough to make you want to go.  So, if you decide to go, here is a plan that will give you some of the best parts of the holiday season while at the same time eliminating those elements that make it miserable for you every year.
Take an RV Holiday Vacation and Avoid All of the Stress

Give Advance Notice

The easiest way to avoid problems with relatives and friends is to tell them at least a month or two in advance that this year you will not be available to participate in their annual events.

Prep and Send Cards and Gifts Early

Prep your cards in October and mail them early in November.  If you plan to purchase gifts, buy them early, wrap them and send them out at the same time you mail your cards.

Forget the Decorations

You don't need to decorate because you won't be home!  However, if you just can't live without doing some decorating, buy a small set of Christmas lights  and hang them on your RV's awning.

You can do more if you like, but if you stay at the right campground, there will be more than enough decorations to enjoy (see video below).

Decide Where You Want to Go

Take a hard look at your calendar to see how much time you'll have, decide where you want to go and reserve early.  

Popular area campgrounds fill up quickly, so making your plans far in advance will guarantee you a spot.

Make sure your destination is one that will offer the types of activities you enjoy so that you can have some fun while you're there.

Plan a Holiday RV Meal

One of the best things about the holidays is food.  

Some facilities have holiday dinners, but others do not.  Ask before you go so that you'll know whether you need to cook or not.

If you do have to cook. you can create terrific meals simply by using your crock pot and microwave oven.

  • Prepare a turkey breast or some pre cooked ham,
  • instant mashed potatoes,
  • instant stuffing mix,
  • warm and serve dinner rolls,
  • cranberry sauce,
  • sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping,
  • veggies of choice,
  • pumpkin pie with whipped cream

and you're done!

This makes a delicious meal and allows for leftovers you can enjoy for several days.  Cleanup is easy, too.

This meal will also provide an opportunity to invite a few people to join you, because there will be plenty of food.

Use Your RV to Escape!

One of the best things about owning an RV is that you can use one to go just about anywhere you like for any amount of time that is available to you.

Your getaway does not have to be far, it just needs to be in a place where people can't reach you.

Turn off your cell phones, turn on your TV or a CD, have a nice glass of wine and just relax.

You'll quickly see that this will be the best holiday you've ever had, and you'll quickly realize that this is something you should try to do every year!

Have a terrific trip!
Christmas at Chula Vista RV Resort