It’s A Buffalo, Stupid, Not A Dog!

So, there we were all hunkered down in our volunteer spot at Custer State Park.

One of the things we always liked about Custer State Park was the fact that it is a wild animal preserve.  

This means that all animals within the park can roam free around the entire 73,000 acres.  

Romantic and wonderful as this may sound, when you are living right in the park, it can be easy to forget.  

This is exactly what happened to me one chilly, September morning.

Full Grown Bull Buffalo

I was getting ready to leave for my morning walk to the visitor's center where one of my duties was to hook up and raise the American Flag.

My mind was on work, but I knew I needed to empty the RV's black water tank before I left.

I came out the front door and headed towards the rear of our unit.  

As I turned the corner, I ran dead on into a full sized bull buffalo!

He looked at me, and I looked at him

Why I did what I did next, I do not know.  For some reason, I had it in my head that if I looked him in the eye, stamped my foot, clapped my hands together and hollered "Go on. Get out of my way", he would scamper off.


The Buffalo's Response

Instead he grunted that deep, chesty grunt that only a large buffalo can do, and lowered his head.

What had I done?

Without thinking twice, I backed away and as soon as I was out of his line of sight, I made a dash for the front door.

Once inside, I froze because I was praying he would not ram our fifth wheeler.

What Happened Next

I waited.  I waited.  And I waited some more.


I very lightly went around the RV peeking out of the windows to see where he was, but I could not see him.

I thought it would be best to wait awhile to make sure, because if he caught me while I was walking, well, it would not be pretty.

Eventually I got my courage up and headed off to work.

I wondered if anybody there would believe that the reason I was late was because I had met up with a buffalo and was afraid to leave the RV!

   Buffalo Attacks Man
(This could have been me!)