Why RV Washing Machines Are Good to Own

If you have been RV shopping, you already know that some units come with their own washing machines.

The people who have them are indeed fortunate!

Why Use a Public Laundry When You Can Wash Clothes in Your RV?

Why People Don't Want RV Washing Machines

Some are combination units that both wash and dry, while others are larger, household type machines.

Many people either don't want to have them because they 
  • would prefer to use the space they take up for storage,
  • don't know how to use them or 
  • are intimidated by them because they fear water damage to their coaches.
The first issue is, of course, a matter of personal preference, but the the second and third are the result of not knowing enough about them to be able to make an informed decision about the value of owning one.

Why Having an RV Washing Machine Is a Big Issue

Over the years my husband and I have owned numerous recreational vehicles. Some had washing machines while others did not.

Right now we own a small motor home that does not have one, but boy do I wish it did!  

So much, in fact, that we are now looking for another travel unit that does have this type of equipment.

I suppose if you only travel a few weeks every year, this becomes a non-issue, but for me it's a very big one because without a washer and dryer in my coach I
  • have to deal with dirty laundry,
  • tolerate the space it takes up and the way it smells,
  • am forced to hang towels and damp clothes around the RV until they dry,
  • have to pay around $20 per week to wash my family's clothes and
  • must waste time going to laundromats.
I don't go on vacations to waste time on chores.  I go on them to enjoy myself.

The Benefits

With my own washing machine on board, I save a ton of time, because I can throw a load in to wash before dinner and dry it in the early evening, pay nothing to do so and always have clean dry clothes and linens.

This chore never gets in the way of having fun and helps to keep our coach looking neat and clean.

So, if you have not yet made a purchase, you may want to consider buying a coach that has a washing machine.

On the other hand, if you own a coach that is already plumbed for this type of unit, you can simply buy one and have it professionally installed.  

Just make sure you buy one that is vented because the non-vented ones do not work well.

I can't wait to find my next RV because I'm really tired of having all the problems that go along with traveling without a washer and dryer!