The Running of the Horses

When people ask me why I like to travel in a recreational vehicle, I tell them that one of the main reasons is that this type of vacationing allows you to have experiences you might never know with other forms of travel.

Such is the case with a wonderful sight I saw one morning when I rose very early to take advantage of an event I knew was about to take place.
Beautiful Horses Running Wild 

A Work Camping Opportunity

Several years ago my husband and I spent the better part of the summer work camping at a KOA that was located near Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

This was an unusual facility in that it was one of the few really full service campgrounds I have ever seen.

They offered hotel rooms, a fine dining restaurant, several food parlors, water slides, bike rentals and even had pancake breakfasts every morning.

Living Quarters Set the Scene

Work Campers and regular employees kept their RV units at the rear of the campground high on a hill.

Our area was located near the barns which housed a stable of about 50 horses that were rented out to visitors during the day for trail rides.

Very early each day the lead cowboy and his staff would run the horses from the upper stable down to the lower stable.

Each night, the cowboys would walk them back up the hill, I suppose because by that time the horses were quite tired.

An Experience to Remember

I wanted to watch the running of the horses, but it was done around 5:30 in the morning, and I kept sleeping in.

However, one morning I woke up on time, grabbed my camcorder and waited.

Before long I saw the lead cowboy (who wore a huge sombrero instead of a cowboy hat). He was snapping a whip against the morning air, and I could hear its echo everywhere.

The other cowboys followed behind him on their own horses.  They were whistling and hooting at the horses who galloped before them.

What a site!

Horses of every color, size and type ere pounding through the woods with steam shooting from their nostrils.  I could actually feel their hooves against the ground as they ran.

The whole thing only took a few moments, and then they were gone.

The air became still, and all that remained was the sound of the wind dancing through the trees.

The experience gave me just a few moments to luxuriate in the feeling of being in the old West.

When the running of the horses ended, it felt like I had dreamed all of it, but I knew better.

It was a wonderful beginning to another great day of RV travel that gave me a memory that I still cherish, even to this day, so many years later.

Beautiful Wild Horses