The Best Way to Get a Fishing Ticket!

I didn't know that there was such a thing as a fishing ticket until one summer when my husband and I were in the wilds of Northwest Idaho.

Don't let temptation overcome your common sense!

There are Many Types of Tickets

Many years ago I knew a couple who both enjoyed their liquor a bit too much.

She was smart enough to keep her drinking inside of the house, but he just didn't seem to care where he drank.

So, the first thing that happened was that he got a ticket for drunk driving. 

He thought he would be able to avoid such tickets by switching to a bicycle, but that did not work because he got a ticket for drunk bicycle riding.

Then he thought he'd be safe walking.  That did not work either because before long, he got a ticket for drunk walking.

At the time I thought that was the strangest sequence of ticketing events I had ever seen, but later I found out about another one that was just as bad.

This happened when my husband got a ticket for fishing!

The Circumstances

We were in the mountains of Idaho, far (or so we thought) from civilization.  It was late in the afternoon. 

We found a lovely little national forest campground that was sitting right beside a beautiful stretch of the Salmon River.

The water was rushing, the salmon were jumping and my husband was dying to grab his pole and do some catch and release.

However, he did not have a license, because we were just passing through, and there was no place to even buy a one if he wanted to have it.

He didn't think it would be a good idea to try to fish without a license, but I thought he deserved to have some fun after a long, hard day of driving.

This being the case, I urged him to go on ahead and fish, anyhow.  

My argument was that we were in the middle of nowhere, and nobody else was even staying in the campground, so what was the harm?

I made so hard for him to resist that he finally gave in.

He was having the time of his life but did not know that he was being observed!

Here Comes the Lone Ranger

High on a hill, hidden in the trees sat a park ranger who was looking through his binoculars directly at my husband as he fished.

We only knew he was there because the sun glinted off his vehicle mirror.

My husband immediately returned to the RV, hid his fishing equipment and changed his shirt, but it was too late.

An extremely irate ranger came a knocking on our door and gave my husband a fishing ticket that cost us $87.50.  

We explained our situation and even offered to purchase a license from him, but he was having none of it.

To him we were the "Al Capones" of the forest, and he was out for blood.

Forgiveness Comes Hard

It took awhile for my husband to forgive me, but even longer for me to forgive myself for doing something so totally stupid.

On the other hand, the ranger could have been more reasonable seeing as we were in the wilderness and had no way or purchasing a license.

It made a good story, but it did bruise the ego and the wallet !

Lesson Learned

My husband doesn't fish much anymore, but whenever he does, he always makes sure to purchase a license ahead of time.

To do this, we carry a Good Sam Travel Guide with us so that we can quickly check the fishing laws and requirements for any state we're in.

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If we're traveling in remote areas, he simply does not give in to his desire to go fishing.

We learned the hard way that it's better to be safe than sorry!