Jamestown, ND Houses the Largest Buffalo in the World

Sometimes when you are traveling across the country in an RV you find yourself in an unexpected and interesting place.

This happened to us the day we decided to camp at a Passport America park in Jamestown, North Dakota.

You Can Find Him in Jamestown, ND
EitherWay, self-pub, via wikimedia commons

Jamestown, ND

Jamestown is a relatively small town that boasts the largest buffalo in the world.  It is also home of the National Buffalo Museum.

The signs that advertised this perked our interest in staying there, but we were surprised to see that their humongous buffalo was actually a gigantic statue !

When I say big, I mean big!  This thing weighed several tons!

Interestingly, behind the Frontier Village Campground where we spent the night, there was a small pasture that housed several buffalo, one of which was a white baby.  Those are quite rare, so we were lucky to have the opportunity to see it.  

The Birthplace of Louis L'Amour

Even more interesting was the fact that the campground also housed a life sized replica of a small Western town, and in it was a library of sorts that had one copy of every single book ever written by Louis L'amour.

These are still available for purchase today, and are well worth the read if you like old Western lore.  This one is a favorite of mine.

As we soon discovered, Jamestown, Montana is Louis L'amour's birthplace.

The walls of the little library were plastered with historical information about L'amour that told the story of his entire life.

We spent the better part of our one day visit reading and browsing, and had a lovely time there.

You Never Know What Adventure Awaits!

As with many things RV, travelers never know what interesting things they might encounter.

This time we saw the largest buffalo in the world, a baby white buffalo and were able to visit a small museum dedicated to the famous Western novelist  Louis L'amour.

Not bad for just $12 a night, huh?