The Legend Of Black Hills Gold

When my husband and I visited the Black hills, many of the locals told us the story of the legend of Black Hills gold.

We have actually been to the spot where it was discovered, and while the story is wonderfully romantic, the video below tells a different tale. 

You decide for yourself.

Sondra Rochelle
Our Black Hills Silver Wedding Bands

The Back Story

Many years ago, a miner was in the Black Hills prospecting for gold.  He had looked for a long time, but had found nothing.

One hot afternoon he decided that he needed to rest a bit. He laid down near a small stream under the shade of a small grape arbor.

When he woke up, it was late in the day.

He saw something shiny in the water, and reached in to grab it. What he grabbed was the largest gold nugget ever found in the Black Hills.

To this day, Black Hills Gold jewelry always has grapes and grape leaves in the design.

Since that time, owning and wearing a piece of this jewelry is considered good luck.

Black Hills Gold Legend and Jewelry History

We Believe!

My husband and I married in the Black Hills 29 years ago, and we both wear Black Hills Silver wedding bands for every day, and the same rings in gold for special occasions.

We have had extremely good luck during our marriage.  Maybe some of it is because of those rings!

Many people believe the legend, but even if it isn't true, Black Hills gold jewelry remains one of the most attractive and unique creations people can wear.

You can buy it in many forms, and if you give it proper care, it will last a lifetime.  In fact, it becomes more beautiful as it ages!

It used to be hard to find this jewelry, but since the advent of the Internet, that is no longer a problem.

If you click on the link below this photo, it will take you to's site where you can browse the many different styles and types of Black Hills Gold jewelry for both men and women.

These make great gifts for occasions other than weddings, such as graduations, anniversaries and birthdays.