The Inspiration Of Mt. Rushmore

Most people have seen videos or photos of Mt. Rushmore, but there is nothing that compares to visiting it in person.

The best way for first timers to view the faces is to attend the evening lighting ceremony. It is beautiful, impressive and makes one proud to be an American.

Mt. Rushmore

Going Early Is a Real Treat

Those who go earlier in the day can visit the artist's workshop, which is extremely interesting.  If they want to learn more, they can go down into the little town of Keystone and visit the Gutson Borglum Museum. 

There they can learn just about everything there is to know about Mt. Rushmore and also enjoy some hands on types of exhibits.

Wonders of the World:  Mt. Rushmore

Viewing the Faces

As visitors drive through the hills, there are special stop off points that allow them to view Mt. Rushmore from different vantage points.

Those who have enough time should view the faces more than once, because they appear to be different from various perspectives and at various times of the day.

Our First Visit to Mt. Rushmore

My first visit to Mt. Rushmore occurred back in 1987.

My husband and I attended a special night show that was being presented that summer.

Benjamin Franklin addressed the audience as the sun was setting and gave some history of the faces.

As the night sky darkened, the park ranger showed a video that gave a brief history of each president and told why they had been chosen to be the faces.

At the end of his presentation, all of the lights were turned off, and a deep, booming voice said, "Ladies and gentlement:  Mt. Rushmore".

The lights ignited the beautiful faces against a star lit sky as well as the American Flag.

Singing the Star Spangled Banner

Once again, that deep, booming spoke.  This time it said, "Please stand and join me in singing our country's national anthem".

So, against a starlit sky, with our forefathers and our flag gazing down upon us, hundreds of people stood and sang.

They were old, young,black, white, crippled, healthy, of all religions and creeds and from all over the world.

There we were, singing together, hands over our hearts to show respect to our flag.

This was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever encountered in my life, and I have never forgotten it.

If You Go

Every US Citizen should visit Mt. Rushmore at least once in his life because it is so inspiring and so beautiful.

The faces represent years of painstaking work that etched the faces of four of our most beloved Presidents into the mountainside so that they could remind us about our history and give us hope for the future.

We've returned many times, and each time we get the same feeling.

It's great to be an American!

The Star Spangled Banner