Camp for Free in Chanute, KS

Nestled in the southeastern corner of the state of Kansas is a small town called Chanute.

It's home to NUWA, the well known manufacturer of Hitchhiker fifth wheel RVs.

Not so well known is the fact that NUWA supports a gorgeous campground smack in the center of town.

Santa Fe City Park

When people come to the NUWA factory for repairs, they need a place to stay. Santa Fe City Park serves that purpose.

However, anybody passing through the town is welcome to stay at the campground at no charge. The only stipulation is they limit their visit to two days.

It's one of the last, best camping deals in the country.

Santa Fe City Park

Santa Fe City Park is one of our all time favorite camping spots. It’s an ideal stopping point for cross country travelers like us to rest up before continuing our travels.

It's situated almost exactly half way between the East and West coasts, is quiet and clean and has wonderful amenities for weary travelers.

It is also close to local shopping areas, is safe and offers numerous activities for visitors.

This park is also a great spot for napping, reading and breathing cool, refreshing air.

When you consider that this campground is a free for any RV traveler, you wouldn't think it would have much in the way of amenities. 

However, the park is huge and offers

  • 30 RV sites that sit on concrete slabs,
  • 50 amp electric 
  • water,
  • a beautiful pristine lake,
  • a golf course and
  • wide open spaces for taking walks and enjoying the rolling western scenery

The only caveat is that there are no bathing or showering facilities, so camping units must be self contained.

Santa Fe City Park Is A Winner

One of the best things about this park is its location.

If you are driving across the US, Chanute is a perfect stopping point because it is just about half way from one point in the US to another in any direction!

During the summer months, Kansas has a wonderful climate that allows you to enjoy sunny skies, soft breezes and temperate weather.

The mornings and evenings are perfect for sitting outside of your RV and enjoying a steamy, rich cup of fresh brewed coffee.

Since relatively few people know about this park, finding a campsite there is never a problem. 

When I think of what people go through to find, pay for and enjoy a campground like this one in other places, I am amazed that places like Santa Fe City Park even exist.

Here, one doesn't worry about reservations, crowds or jostling for a campsite.

It is unbelievable that the pleasure of enjoying this great spot costs nothing.

Chanute Is Small But Adequate

Chanute is a clean, quiet little town. There's not much to it, but it has friendly people and pleasant prairie scenery.

Shopping and dining facilities are limited, but the town does have a Walmart within walking distance of the campground.

Most visitors don’t go there for the excitement.  They either need RV repairs or want to rest and enjoy some free camping!

Santa Fe City Park Is A Great Place To Stop And Rest

My husband and I travel to Kansas from Florida regularly, and one of the delights for us has always been Kansas' lovely warm weather months.

Winters and Springs in Kansas can be horrific, but summer visitors would never know it.

Santa Fe City Park represents the first stop on a trip to the West where you feel like you're already there.

It is there where we both feel our Western vacation really begins.

Our days in Chanute are always lazy and restful. By the time we're ready to leave Santa Fe City Park, we're totally relaxed, well fed and happy.

On a long RV trip like the ones we take, having a stopping place such as this one is a real luxury.

Thank You NUWA!

We have always enjoyed our visits to Santa Fe City Park and are thankful that NUWA Industries has been generous enough to provide free camping there.

Whenever possible, we route our trips so that we can stop and spend a few days in Chanute.

If you happen to be heading to Kansas, plan on camping for free at Santa Fe City Park and relax for a few days.

You'll be glad you did.