How Much Will You Have to Pay to Buy an RV?

If you are thinking of buying an RV, you probably are wondering how much you will have to pay in order to own one.

While this question may seem to be a simple one, it isn't.


There are many types of recreational vehicles on today's market, and the issues that determine their prices are determined by
  • age,
  • type,
  • equipment,
  • overall condition,
  • market conditions,
  • seller and
  • general value.
Thus, it is up to the buyer to figure out what he would like to have and how much he is willing or able to pay.

The following guides will give you more specific information.  

The first is for those wishing to purchase new, and the second is a general guide that provides directions and help for those wishing to purchase any type of RV.

Other Items That Help to Determine Pricing

Just as with automobiles, all of these issues matter, but because RVs also include living areas, things such as
  • floor plan,
  • type of furniture and
  • storage space
also come into play when determining price.

Helpful Buying Tips

While all of this may seem a big confusing, there are some things that can help new buyers figure value and affordability.

  1. Previously owned is not always less costly than new.
  2. Small can cost more than big.
  3. Where you choose to buy matters.

While these things may not seem to make sense, they actually do.

For example, 
  1. You may think that purchasing a used unit will save you money, but older high end coaches generally are more expensive than new, low to mid range ones.
  2. Since many people prefer smaller coaches because they are easier to drive, their popularity can make them cost as much or more than larger ones.  For example, Airstream sells a new van conversion that costs $150,000.  You can purchase a larger new unit in some brands for far less.
  3. Furthermore, if you shop around, you often will find that you can purchase the same exact unit that interests you at a variety of prices.

General Pricing Guidelines

The bottom line is that if you want to purchase any travel unit, you're going to have to do some research because there is no one clear answer.

However, I can tell you that for a maximum dollar amount of
  • $20,000 you can buy a used or new travel trailer or smaller, older gas engine motor home.
  • $50,000, you can purchase a nice new fifth wheel or used high end gas or diesel motor home.
  • $100,000 you will be able to find new, high end fifth wheels and low end gas or diesel motor homes.
Since motor home can cost up to three million dollars, the amount you spend beyond these prices will buy you various levels of quality and amenities.

Other Cost Considerations

When making your buying decision, be sure to include the amounts you will pay for sales tax, registration fees, financing costs and insurance.

This is especially important for higher priced travel units, because it can add thousands of dollars to the price.

You should also know that some insurance companies have stated that they will not provide policies for coaches costing more than $200,000.

Furthermore, be aware that if you decide to buy new, depreciation, especially in the first year, will lower the value of a coach significantly.   It often is as high as 20%!

Bear in mind, also,  that costs do not end at the point of sale because you will be paying for parts and repairs as long as you own your coach.

Pricing RVs Is Not Easy

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to learning about the prices of RVs.

The video below gives you some idea of what you can buy for more money, but don't let it scare you.  I am just adding it to give you some idea of pricing on one level.

The only way you can learn how much you will have to pay to buy a recreational vehicle is to use the information I've provided here and then do a lot of searching until you are able to find the coach you want at the price you are willing and able to pay.

Good luck!