You Never Know Who You'll See When You RV

One of the things my  husband and I like most about RV travel is that we get to see and meet some very interesting people.

Native American at Pow Wow

An Outgoing Personality Helps

It helps if you have an outgoing personality, which means that you're not afraid to walk up to a total stranger, introduce yourself and start a conversation.

Some people can't do this, and as a result they may see people they'd like to meet, but never get to do so and thus lose the opportunity to add some interesting stories to their RV travel albums.

They also miss the chance to form friendships with individuals who can greatly enrich their travel experiences.

Meet the Locals

Many travelers tend to ignore the locals who live in areas where they travel, but these are the very individuals who can turn a boring vacation into a fascinating one.

If you're going to stay in an area for awhile, it can really pay to get to know the people who live there because they are the ones who know the "back stories" about events and venues and can take you to see and do things you would never normally know about.

One example of this is a couple we met in South Dakota who got us invited to a wild animal feed.  We ate buffalo, crane, bear and other foods that had been caught and prepared locally by their friends.

Say Hello to Fellow Travelers

Over the years my husband and I have met many fellow travelers who have had interesting and enlightening stories to tell.

For instance, we met a couple one year that was returning home from a trip to Reno, Nevada.

The wife had breast cancer and had been told she had no hope.  Yet, she found an innovative doctor in Reno who was in the process of curing her.  We didn't know if her story was true or not, but she believed it, and it was interesting to think that there might just be someone out there who really could help people with her health problem.

Don't Shy Away from the Famous

What is really fun is to introduce yourself to someone who is famous.  

We met Lily Tomlin this way and had a great visit with her.  She even gave us an autographed photo of herself.

We also had a lovely meet up with the man who founded Wall Drug.  He gave us an autographed copy of "The Story of Icewater", which tells about the history of how Wall Drug grew from a small mom and pop pharmacy into the most famous drug store in the world.

(click link to buy)

We've also heard stories from others who have encounters with the famous, such as the man who met Mary Hart at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Others We've Met

Traveling in an RV has opened all sorts of worlds to us and has given us the opportunity to meet many different types of people such as
  • actors, 
  • cowboys,
  • Native Americans,
  • conservationists and
  • adventurers.
These meet ups always happened unexpectedly and served to highlight many of our vacations.

How Do You Do!

The bottom line is that people don't have to be well known or rich to be worth meeting.

You can't know who you'll meet along the way, and that's what makes RV travel so interesting.

We never would have known that Kevin Costner's father lives just outside of Custer, SD or that the family of the sculptor who created the Crazy Horse Memorial is still hard at work on that project if we had not stopped to talk to people.

Everybody has a story, and you never know which one will affect you.  

Take the time to stop and say hello and you might be surprised to find out who you are talking to!