Where to Find the Best RV Travel Information

If you own an RV and plan to do much traveling, it is extremely important for you to access the best and most accurate travel information available.

It is even more important to have good resources immediately available to you while you're on the road.
Being able to access information quickly is important when RVing
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In the old days, most people used an atlas and a camping guide to help them with the planning and implementation of their trips.

Today, many RVers consider these resources to be obsolete because they now travel with GPS systems, cell phones and laptop computers.

These are wonderful to have if you are located where there are good connections, but the information you can glean from them when you're not well located can be skimpy at best.

For this reason, electronics should be considered a secondary rather than primary source for getting immediate information, especially when you are on the move.

  • What good will it do you to have them when you are in the wilds of Montana and need to find some fuel for your diesel pusher?
  • Wouldn't it be better to have a hard copy book in hand that provides the information you need within minutes?
Electronic gadgets are great, but even these days, they cannot meet all of your travel needs in certain situations.

RV Specific Books

If you want to cover all of the bases, your best bet is to purchase a few books that are 
  • published specifically for RV travelers,
  • provide accurate information and
  • don't depend on connections.
Some of them may seem to be a bit costly, but several can be used for years because the information within them changes very little from year to year.

You can use them to quickly find out what is available, where it is located and how to make contact, if necessary.

There is a temptation, especially on the part of beginners, to spend a fortune buying every book in sight.

The truth is that all you need to do is purchase one copy each of the following books.  

These are the ones my husband and I have been using for years, so I can honestly say that they will get the job done for you.

Good Sam Travel Guide

Just about everybody who owns an RV buys at least one campground guide.

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My husband and I have always used camping guide put out by the Good Sam Club because it is reasonably priced and provides all of the basic information any RV traveler might need with regards to campgrounds, RV repair facilities and even fishing license requirements.
The only caveat is that since this book is only published once each year, campground prices may be different from the ones that are listed in the guide. 

For this reason, you should always call ahead so you know how much you'll have to pay to camp at any of the parks they list.

Generally speaking, the majority of the campgrounds shown are privately owned, and even with discounts, can be expensive.  However, even if you don't use this book to get information about campgrounds, it is still worth owning due to the other services it provides.

The good news is that you can buy one and use it for several years before purchasing an updated copy.  If you check your prices, not much else in the guide will change. 

The RVer's Friend

One book few RV travelers know about is The RVer's Friend

(click link to buy)

This book lists every truck stop in the US and Canada, along with information about each that tells travelers whether they allow RV parking, sell propane or have dump stations.

More importantly, it lists contact information for every state and federal park and tells travelers which rest areas have dump stations or dump and fill stations.

Many RV travelers do not realize that certain states are more RV friendly than others and thus offer special services such as those mentioned above.

A few even have special overnight parking areas just for RVs that are similar to staying in a campground.

We discovered this book years ago when we were in the trucking business. It has proven to be a valuable asset for our RV travels as well.

Walmart Atlas

It's always a good idea to keep an atlas on board.

The best one to have one put that lists every Walmart store in the country, its location and contact information.

There are times when you may get stuck for one reason or another and need a safe spot to stay for the night.

Walmart generally allows you to do this, but you should always ask the manager’s permission first.

Knowing where Walmart stores are located and how to get to them can be a life saver when you are tired and just need a place to stop for a night without going through the hassle of finding a campground.

Discount Camping Club Guide

If you join a discount camping club, you should always keep a copy of their campground guide with you.

Most groups provide a catalog that includes park names, contact information, descriptions and prices.

Using them generally will save you money and can also help you with trip routing.

The trick is to choose a club that has many affiliate parks that are located across the US and is also inexpensive to join.

These are the reasons we chose Passport America, so you might want to checkout their website.

RV Manuals

RV manuals are a resource that many people don't think of taking with them, but they can be very helpful when problems arise.

Even if you are unable to fix problems yourself, having these books with you can help mechanics to repair quickly and for lower costs because these books provide information that will save them time.

Good Information Makes For Better Travels

The main thing to remember is that you do not want to “fly blind” when you are traveling.

Use the internet, talk to fellow RVers and use the books mentioned here to research and plan your vacations.

The above books important information that can help RV travelers to find the information they need quickly and easily.

If you decide to use them, you won't be disappointed.