A Fascinating Visit to Waylon Jennings RV Park

My husband and I RV often

We've been traveling this way for many years, and often our trips last for months.
For this reason we are always on the lookout for inexpensive or free places to camp, such as the one I'm going to tell you about now: Waylon Jennings RV Park.

Waylon Jennings Street Sign in Littlefield, TX,
Billy Hathorn, self-pub via wikimedia commons

How We Found Waylon's Park

My husband and I always insist on having hookups because we like having some comforts while traveling.

However, we don't like the big prices many campgrounds are charging these days, nor can we afford them. So, the search for good deals is ever present.

To make sure that we get them, we carry a slew of campground books with us and while my husband is driving, I spend a good deal of time researching them.
The results are usually pretty good!

We found Waylon Jennings RV Park. in our camping book, and were glad we did.

Where's The Beef?

It was late in the day on a Sunday when we rolled into the small Texas town where this campground is located.

We were heading back to Florida from a long summer RVing trip to the western United States, and were tired, hot, hungry and in need of a break.

There is something about driving in Texas that makes you hunger for a good steak. Maybe it's the wide open spaces. Maybe it's the thousands of cattle you see as you roll along the hot, dry roads.

I never have quite figured it out, but what I do know is that when we hit town, we were really looking forward to setting up camp, taking a shower and eating a big, juicy Texas steak dinner.

Unfortunately, steak was not going to be on that night's menu because it was Sunday. Every restaurant in Littlefield, TX closes at 2:00 PM on Sundays!

No Steak? Are You Kidding Us?

By the time we set up camp, showered and went looking hungrily for what we thought would be a memorable meal, every restaurant in town had closed up shop!

We could not believe we were in Texas and couldn't find a steak!

Dinner that night, unhappily, turned out to be soup and a sandwich in the RV.
Although we were really disappointed, we were also grateful because without the availability of the campground, we could have spent a really miserable night in that town.

Besides, we figured that we could have that steak the next day, and it would taste every bit as good! (Well, almost!

A Small Town With A Big History  

Waylon Jennings RV Park is located in Littlefield, TX.

We had never been there before, but we assumed it would be a 
typical little western town with wide streets and friendly people.

It was all of that and more.

Littlefield turned out to be the kind of sleepy town reminiscent of those described in Louis L'amour novels: small, dusty, sleepy  and dry.

As it turned out, it was also the birthplace of Waylon Jennings.

Waylon's Legacy

At first we thought the town had named campground after Waylon Jennings because he was probably the most famous person who ever lived there.

We were wrong.

Waylon Jennings RV Park carries his name because he actually donated the campground to Littlefield as his way of thanking the townspeople for helping him get his start in the music business.

He felt the campground would bring visitors who might spend some dollars, and thus help the local economy.   
Waylon Jennings RV Park Tells Us a Great Story

Waylon Jennings RV Park has 1 00 full hookup sites, 30 amp electric and large level spots for just about any size of RV.

It's nothing fancy, but it's all a traveler needs.

The best part is that it costs absolutely nothing to stay there for the first two days. It used to be four, but I guess the town felt two days was enough!

The park has a small stage near the front entrance.

Locals will tell you that back in the day, Waylon and his pal, Willie Nelson, used to show up unannounced, get out of their big travel bus and put on free performances for anybody within listening distance.

Afterwards, the citizens would often invite all campers to their cookouts.

All of this was free.

Today Waylon is gone and the stage sits empty, but if you are around on a weekend evening, the locals still may invite you to join them for a free barbecue.  

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

You can't create history like this.

Staying at Waylon Jennings RV Park makes you feel like you he is right there with you.

There is nothing better than to sit in front of your RV on a warm Texas night while listening to some of Waylon's music greats.

(click link to buy)

He lived a wild and raucous life, but donating this park to his community is one of the good things he did.

He should be remembered for that, and you should honor him by giving at least a little of your business to the town that gave him to us.

The restaurants open up again on Monday mornings and so do the stores.
So if you ever get to Littlefield,

Buy something or eat something.

Stay at Waylon Jennings RV Park and let  Waylon know that you appreciate his free Texas campground and his home town.

If you do these things, you'll be happy and so will Waylon!